The rapid pace of development when it comes to electric two-wheelers is truly mind-boggling. Unsurprisingly, a large chunk of the advancements we're seeing on the electric front comes from countries like China, India, and Japan, with manufacturers scrambling to innovate their products just in time for the mainstream integration of electric power to the transportation infrastructure all over the world. 

Another player has emerged in the premium electric scooter game, and it bears quite a striking resemblance to the recently unveiled Kymco F9. However, before you start labelling the Felo FW06 as a copycat machine, allow me to make it clear as day that Felo has partnered up with Kymco for the development of this new electric scooter. Now, the FW06 isn't like most other electric scooters in the market today. Yes, it's tantamount to a small-capacity, gas-powered runabout of around 125cc, and yes, it runs on a fully electric powertrain. However, it sets itself apart in terms of styling and tech.

The Felo FW06 Is A Tech Lover's Electric Scooter Dream

Just like the Kymco F9, the Felo FW06 comes equipped with a two-speed transmission. With this setup, the rider can select the lower setting, which improves response and agility around town. Once the roads clear up, the rider can then shift to the higher gear which optimizes efficiency at higher speed. This both improves battery range, and reduces heat and wear on the electric motor. What's more, is that Felo is offering the FW06 in two variants—standard and DX. The standard version gets an 80Ah lithium-ion battery which is said to provide around 68 miles, while the top-shelf DX variant sports an 88Ah battery rated at 87 miles of range. 

The Felo FW06 gets an electric motor which pumps out 10kW of power—that's the equivalent 13.4 horsepower. As mentioned, it produces a similar power output as ICE-powered 125cc to 150cc scooters, however, we can expect it to be a lot smoother, quieter, and instantaneous. Initially launched in the Chinese domestic market, Felo is asking for a premium CNY 26,800, or around $4,200 USD for its latest and greatest electric scooter. 

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