-based startup, FTN Motion, recently unveiled its very first electric mobility solution, a cafe-racer-styled motorcycle called the Streetdog. As a startup company without the funding needed for a massive launch campaign, founders Luke Sinclair, Kendall Bristow, and Saskia Thornton went with more traditional means in generating sales for their newest innovation. 

We covered the Streetdog in detail a couple of months ago, as well as FTN Motion's thrust towards more sustainable mobility. It's clear to see that the Streetdog is meant to appeal to the style-conscious countryside dweller. Opting for a more minimalist, retro-inspired design approace, the Streetdog is a refreshing departure from the aggressively styled, futuristic electric motorcycles we've been seeing pop up left and right. In many ways, the Streetdog hearkens back to the very essence of motorcycling by providing a barebones, no-frills riding experience, albeit in the modern electric era. 

FTN Motion To Launch First Electric Motorcycle
FTN Motion To Launch First Electric Motorcycle

FTN Motion set up an initial production target of 100 Streetdogs to be designated Founder's Edition units. Relying on social media, some help from their friends in the press, as well as good old word-of-mouth, the New Zealand-based startup was able to sell-out all 100 Founder's Editions of the Streetdog. Making appearances at the Wellington Harbourside market, FTN Motion was able to garner a considerable amount of attention for their latest creation. Luke Sinclair, one of the co-founders of FTN Motion explained in a report published by The PACK, that people simply loved the design of the Streetdog, because there was nothing like it currently available in the market. 

The lucky owners of the 100 Founder's Edition Streetdogs have been named The Early Adopters, and now form a core group of called the Founder's Club. Members of the Founder's Club will be kept up to date with developments to future iterations of the Streetdog, new product innovations from FTN Motion, as well as priority slots for test drives and launch events. At present, the second round of research and development to the Streetdog prototype has commenced, and we can expect to see more developments to this charming electric motorbike very soon. 

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