Ultraviolette, an India-based electric mobility startup, first unveiled the F77 electric motorcycle concept back in September of 2018, and had initially hoped to launch the bike in 2019. While the company continued dropping teasers, as well as updating the bike ahead of the official launch, it appeared that something was causing a delay when it came to the actual launch of the vehicle. 

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Motorcycle Is Nearing Launch

To make things worse, the COVID-19 pandemic put an indefinite halt to the developments on the bike, and as such, it's been quite a while since we've heard of any updates from the Indian startup. At last, this could all be about to change, as Ultraviolette has announced that the F77 is nearing production. In fact, Indian motorcycle publication BikeDekho reported that the Ultraviolette F77 could go into production towards the tail-end of 2021, or if not, the start of 2022. 

Ultraviolette has given the production-ready F77 a few updates to bring it up to spec for the 2022 model year. For starters, we get a new, full-color TFT display and a few updates to the powertrain. Utraviolette claims that the F77's 27kW electric motor is comparable to the performance of gasoline-powered 300cc motorcycles. As such, it is said to have a zero to 60 miles per hour time of just 7.7 seconds, and a power output of around 36 horsepower.

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Motorcycle Is Nearing Launch

The previous iteration of the F77 had a claimed range of 130 to 150 kilometers, that's 80 to 93 miles. However, Ultraviolette claims that performance and efficiency updates now stretch this to a real-world range of more than 150 kilometers (93 miles) on a single charge. The final stages leading up to the production of the F77 are well and truly underway, as the company's production facility situated in Bengaluru is expected to be operational very soon. The facility is expected to have an initial capacity of 10,000 units, and has already been tooled to produce everything from the bike's batteries, chassis components, and bodywork. 

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