Origem is a Brazilian electric mobility startup that has been in the game since 2017. Although a fairly new entrant, the company has transformed itself from a conceptual business, to an EV-centric mobility solution designed to offer sustainable personal mobility in Latin America. Unlike conventional electric scooter and motorcycle companies, Origem approaches things from a different angle. Let’s take a closer look.

Other more conventional electric vehicle manufacturers center on the product—its technical features, groundbreaking technology, performance, mileage, and charging time. Origem, on the other hand, builds its product as part of a system—a well-oiled machine that incorporates infrastructure, people, and of course, the motorcycle itself. You see, instead of cutting edge tech, Origem seeks to build a robust ecosystem specifically designed to make the electric mobility experience as seamless as possible. For starters, the company is investing heavily in infrastructure in the form of battery charging and swapping stations. Electric motorcycle users can then head over to the nearest charging/swapping station, and turnover their depleted batteries while fitting fresh ones in a matter of seconds.

While this vision is still far from reality, the company has started setting up these stations in certain areas in Brazil, with more stations expected to pop up across Latin America very soon. On top of this, Origem’s electric motorcycles have undergone extensive testing over the past 18 months. The bike’s have covered hundreds of thousands of kilometers, across varying weather and terrain conditions. Some bikes have even been put through 24/7 operation just to prove their reliability and longevity. Origem’s fleet of electric motorcycles can be rented via the company’s Rental Plan, which even features doorstep delivery for added convenience.

At present, Origem is working on a two-pronged expansion approach. On the one hand, it’s investing towards increasing its manufacturing capacity to churn out more electric two-wheelers. On the other hand, it continues scouting for new, strategic locations to deploy battery charging and swapping stations to increase its coverage.

It’s clear to see that Origem is off to a good start as far as making electric motorcycles accessible to a greater number of riders is concerned. It would be interesting to see more companies enter the market with a similar business model in mind. More information about this innovative approach towards sustainable personal mobility can be found on Origem’s official website linked below.

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