Revolt Intellicorp, an Indian startup dedicated to developing and manufacturing electric motorcycles, is expected to launch a new model in the form of the RV1 very soon. The company is run by Rattan India Enterprises Ltd, and has been experiencing substantial success, particularly with its RV400 electric motorcycle which received more than 5,000 bookings when it was launched last June 18.

Revolt To Launch New RV1 Electric Motorcycle Soon

The RV400’s little sibling, however, the RV300, garnered lackluster support in the wake of its more premium stablemate. Because of this, Revolt has decided to do away with the RV300, and in its place, launch the entry-level RV1 electric motorcycle. Revolt Intellicorp claims that the RV1 will be a 100 percent made-in-India machine. The bike will be manufactured in the company’s factory in Manesar, Haryana. Meanwhile, the remaining stocks of RV300 electric motorcycles were all acquired by Domino’s Pizza, and will use these bikes to replace its gasoline-powered delivery bikes to electric.

In a report published by motoring publication Drivespark, Rattan India Enterprises promoter, Anjali Rattan stated, "By December this year, our product will become completely make-in-India. We have been importing parts from China but we are now focusing on every single supply from India. The manufacturing of the new bike will start from January." At present, Revolt Intellicorp continues to import certain parts and components from China in order to build its electric two-wheelers. However, the company is gearing efforts towards shifting its focus to solely Indian-made parts.

Revolt To Launch New RV1 Electric Motorcycle Soon

The entry-level electric motorcycle will be powered by a 1.5kW electric motor capable of propelling the commuter to a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Its 2.7kWh Lithium-ion battery pack affords it an impressive range of 180 kilometers on a single charge. The Revolt RV1 is expected to retail for around Rs 75,000, or the equivalent of around $1,000 USD. 

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