Depending on where you are in the world, you may have noticed that the weather has been getting cooler. This is especially true for most parts of the northern hemisphere, as fall is well and truly here, and colder, wetter weather is on the horizon. That said, depending on where you are, cold and rain aren’t necessarily the end of the riding season; you just have to dress appropriately.

At this point, nearly all gear and equipment manufacturers have rolled out their fall and winter collections. We’re seeing all sorts of jackets, gloves, and boots designed specifically to keep you warm and dry in fall and winter weather, and now, Dainese has just released its newest mid-season pants in the form of the Rolle WP.

These pants are made of textile fabric, so they’re relatively lightweight and retain breathable characteristics in the event that temps rise. Beneath the surface, however, they feature a waterproof lining keeping you dry and comfy in all types of weather. Furthermore, should you find yourself stuck in even colder weather, the Rolle WP comes with a removable thermal lining, serving as an additional layer of defense against the cold.

Dainese Pro-Armor Protector

Given the fact that the Rolle WP are designed first and foremost as personal protective equipment for motorcyclists, they’re filled with technology designed to guarantee your safety in the event things go sideways. For starters, they’re made out of 600D Oxford polyester panels which are durable and abrasion resistant. There are also removable CE Level 1 Pro-Armor L1 protectors on the knees, as well as pockets ready to accommodate protectors on the hips. As such, they receive Class A certification according to the EN17092-4:2020 standard.

Last but not least, the pants feature a range of adjustability, particularly on the waist and calves to ensure a perfect fit and prevent them from flopping around when traveling at speed. There’s also a comfort zip on the side to make them easier to wear, as well as a zipper at the waist that can be attached to a jacket.

As is the case with most of Dainese’s gear, the Rolle WP comes in a wide selection of sizes for all body types. It’s offered from size 44 to 62, and in a single black colorway. They’re priced at $249.95 USD, per Dainese’s official website.

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