As is the case in the world of mainstream fashion, shoes play a major role in our outfit when we hit the road on two wheels. Of course, that role is much more crucial, as our shoes aren't designed only to keep us comfy and looking good, but also safe and protected in the event we can't keep things rubber side down. 

These days, nearly all gear and equipment manufacturers have shoes designed to mimic the styling of sneakers, all while sneakily incorporating protective elements. The latest of which is none other than Dainese, an Italian brand that's become one of the most popular brands in the motorcycle gear and apparel industry. Its newest model is called the Metractive Air, and as its name suggests, it's super breathable and perfect for riders in warm climates. 

Dainese Goes Urban With The New Metractive Air Sneakers

Dainese explains that the Metractive Air sneakers are lightweight – both while riding and walking. This makes them the ideal pair of shoes for folks who rely on their bikes to get around, while running other errands in the process. In terms of styling, well, just look at them. They're the perfect fit for any urban rider, and look particularly good with the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

That being said, Dainese has taken design cues from the mainstream fashion world when constructing the Metractive Air. It features a knitted upper portion, similar in texture to what you'd find in Nike's arsenal. Not only does this keep the shoe light, it also ensures adequate airflow, keeping your feet cool as you ride. The Metractive also incorporates features that work both for safety and looks. For example, a pocket on the tongue is meant to conceal the laces, giving the shoe a neat and streamlined appearance, all while ensuring the laces never get caught up on the bike's controls. 

Dainese Goes Urban With The New Metractive Air Sneakers

Dainese has also equipped the Metractive Air with Groundtrax soles with an asymmetrical tread pattern. This gives the wearer maximum stability when walking on slippery surfaces, while providing optimal tactile response to the bike's controls. There are also reinforcements on the heel and ankle, adding to the protective features of the sneakers, as well as reinforcements on the toe box to keep them durable for braking and shifting gears. Last but not least, the new shoes are equipped with an Ortholite insole, providing maximum breathability and cushioning. 

In terms of pricing and availability, the new Dainese Metractive Air shoes are available from the Italian manufacturer's official website for $199.95 USD. They're sized from 39 to 47, and come in three colors consisting of Black and White, Charcoal Gray and Black, and Grape Leaf and Natural Rubber. 

Dainese Goes Urban With The New Metractive Air Sneakers
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