Depending on where in the world you’re from, the riding gear you choose will certainly be suited to the weather in your region. In the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing, with the temps expected to rise even higher in the days and weeks ahead. Now, if just a couple of months ago the name of the game was staying warm, this time around, it’s all about keeping cool.

Indeed, summer weather can sneak up on you like a thief in the night, and the effects of dehydration can really ruin your ride. Luckily, most gear and equipment brands have been rolling out their wares for the summer riding season, one of which is French manufacturer Bering. Its newest jacket, the Squadra, is a stylish jacket that does a good job of concealing its protective capabilities. With a fitted cut, it looks just like a regular street jacket. Best of all, it features recycled fibers for the interior mesh lining.

French Gear Maker Bering Suits You Up For Summer With The Squadra Jacket

Beneath the stylish surface, the Bering Squadra jacket features a durable Twiltex polyester fabric construction, providing both comfort and protection. It is equipped with removable Alpha CE Level 1 adjustable elbow and shoulder protectors, allowing for customized fit and enhanced safety. Additionally, the jacket includes a dedicated pocket for a CE back protector, offering further impact resistance and peace of mind during motorcycle rides. The Bering Squadra jacket is PPE certified in accordance with the EN17092:2020 standard, specifically classified as class A, thanks to the as-standard elbow and shoulder protectors.

The Bering Squadra jacket is equipped with a trouser connection loop, allowing riders to securely attach compatible trousers for a complete riding ensemble. It features two external pockets for convenient storage, along with a shoulder pocket and a wallet pocket for added versatility. Ribbing at the hips enhances the jacket's fit and comfort. Internal wrist tightening ensures a snug and adjustable fit around the wrists. The jacket also incorporates reflective inserts to enhance visibility and promote safety in low-light conditions.

The Bering Squadra jacket is available in two colors, Khaki and navy blue. It comes in a wide range of sizes, from S to 4XL, catering to various body types. The price for the jacket is €169.99, or about $183 USD, offering a competitive value for its features and quality.

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