Motorcycle communicators rank among the top tech tools for group riding. They add a whole new level of enjoyment to your rides. What's great about them is their incredible convenience. They allow you to coordinate route changes on the fly with your group without the need for frequent stops. Beyond convenience, they also boost safety by helping signal upcoming hazards to fellow riders in your group.

Notably, Cardo and Sena emerge as the top contenders in this space. Many riders swear by Sena, while others are loyal to Cardo. Sena users communicate seamlessly within their own network, as do Cardo enthusiasts. Yet, bridging the gap between these two camps has proven a challenge. Cardo, however, is on a mission to change this status quo. They're working to make their technology more inclusive, reaching out to the substantial community of Sena communicator users. This move could potentially bring about a more interconnected riding experience for all, fostering camaraderie among riders regardless of their brand allegiance.

Cardo Packtalk Neo

Indeed, it has been possible to bridge a Sena and Cardo unit through Bluetooth pairing, albeit with some complexity and limitations. However, Cardo has stepped up the game with its recent firmware update, introducing the game-changing "Live Bluetooth Bridge." This update simplifies the process significantly, making the pairing between the two brands a much smoother experience. Notably, it now offers automatic reconnection, eliminating the hassle of manual re-pairing.

What's even more convenient is that this update can be easily accessed and installed over the air. Second-generation PackTalk users can simply use the Cardo Connect mobile app to keep their devices up to date, ensuring they benefit from these enhanced features and seamless inter-brand communication. It's a step forward for riders seeking a hassle-free, interconnected riding experience.

Cardo highlights a bridging process for the two devices. To start, set up Cardo DMC and Sena Mesh separately. It’s important to note that the Sena unit must have a Bluetooth intercom function, so mesh-only units are not compatible. Meanwhile, any second-generation PackTalk (Edge and Neo) can serve as the Cardo bridge unit.

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On the Cardo side, the unit must be switched to Bluetooth mode through the Cardo Connect app, and initiate Bluetooth pairing with the Sena unit. On the Sena side, Bluetooth pairing should also be initiated, and the two units should connect in a few seconds. Meanwhile, on the Cardo unit, switch settings back to DMC mode, and open Live Bluetooth Bridge by tapping the intercom button three times. It’s important to note that the two bridge units need to ride in close proximity to each other – about 90 yards. However, should the connection be lost, the Cardo unit will automatically reconnect to the Sena unit once it’s in close proximity again.

Granted, the process is by no means a one-tap solution, and there are quite a lot of steps to take in order to make them connect seamlessly. Nevertheless, this update demonstrates Cardo’s commitment of ensuring that all riders can communicate and enjoy their rides together, regardless of whether or not they own a Cardo unit. In the company’s official press release, Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cardo Systems, stated, “Our Live Bluetooth Bridge feature not only simplifies connectivity but also exemplifies our dedication to setting the standard for communication technology within the powersports community and the industry at large.”

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