Cardo is one of the most popular motorcycle and powersports communicator systems on the market. Its innovative technology makes it easy and convenient for riders to communicate with one another when out on a ride, while its standard features are also useful for riders who prefer to embark on solo adventures, as the system’s Bluetooth connectivity seamlessly streams music and navigation data.

Being the market leader that it is, Cardo continuously innovates, and is leveraging heavily on its newest system, the PackTalk Edge, Neo, and Custom communicators. The brand recently unveiled a software update enabling users to record their conversations. This time around, Cardo has updated its tech on the hardware side of things, catering to users of a specific helmet brand: Shoei.

Cardo Rolls Out New Shoei Adaptor And Revised Half-Helmet Kit

As you’re probably well aware, Shoei is one of the most popular and trusted helmet manufacturers in the world. Apart from protecting the noggins of the world’s best racers, the brand also caters to mere mortals with its wide selection of street-focused, touring, and commuting helmets. Cardo recognizes the unique design of Shoei, in particular, the pre-engineered mounting area found on the shells of Shoei lids. As such, Cardo has launched a Shoei helmet adaptor kit, compatible with the Neotec 2, GT-Air 2, and J-Cruise 2 helmets.

The Shoei Adaptor kit from Cardo is available from all Cardo Systems dealers, and is compatible with the newest generation of Cardo PackTalk communicators consisting of the Edge, Neo, and Custom. The adaptor features a sleek design, integrating the cradle and the bracket into one assembly. As such, it’s shorter, closer to the helmet’s shell, and more compact resulting in a sleeker look.

Cardo Rolls Out New Shoei Adaptor And Revised Half-Helmet Kit

Furthermore, Cardo has also improved its half helmet kit, which features a built-in boom microphone pre-installed onto the cradle. This makes the installation procedure much simpler and more straightforward, as users need not worry about finding a separate mounting point for the boom mic – something that can be quite tricky on some half-face lids.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Shoei PackTalk adapter kit is available with an MSRP of 20.95 Euros, or about $22 USD. Meanwhile, the Cardo Half Helmet Kit is offered at a retail price of 69.95 Euros, or approximately $75 USD.

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