Any handyman worth his salt will tell you to use the right tool for the job. That mantra extends beyond household projects, though. One such example involves action cameras. Whether you’re a video producer, a vlogger, or a commuter, not all action cameras are suited for every situation. For that reason, YouTuber Dork in the Road poured years of experience and first-hand research into his latest video to help riders find the best all-around solution.

Like many motorcyclists, the YouTube creator started out with a GoPro unit. Switching between the Hero3 and Hero4 models delivered sub-par video quality (by today’s standards), but that simplicity allowed users to utilize third-party microphone accessories. Later editions such as the Hero7 and Hero9 transitioned the action cam to proprietary add-ons, which didn’t necessarily serve the customer.

With GoPro dominating the market for years, the company didn’t exactly need to innovate, let alone address active issues. As a result, many riders continued buying GoPro products until bonafide competition reared its head. Osmo Action is one such rival. Sometimes, availability is the best ability, and as the YouTuber puts it, “This thing just works.”

Along with capturing suitable on-bike footage, Osmo Action models accept third-party microphone accessories. However, the GoPro alternative isn’t perfect, as external add-ons yield an unpleasant audio gain. Of course, users can work around the problem, but one camera solves all those auditory issues.

Insta360 has been making waves in the action camera category for years now, and Dork in the Road adds his name to its long list of endorsers. With One RS, Insta360 stuffs both a 4K camera and a 360 camera into one modular package. Not only can users adapt the camera’s configuration to their needs, but internal audio settings solve all the drawbacks encountered with GoPros and Osmo Action models.

While the Insta360 takes the cake, Dork in the Road presents options for all types of riders and content creators. Those looking for a daily dash cam will gravitate toward the Ghost XL Pro while Osmo Action and Go Pro units capture excellent on-bike b-roll. After all, everyone should use the right tool for the job, even when it comes to an action cam.

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