Sena is a brand that has become synonymous with motorcycle communicators over the years. Having released multiple models with varying capabilities, Sena has kept riders in contact with one another, ensuring group rides are safer and more enjoyable. For the 2023 model year, Sena has released two new comms systems which could quite possibly be its best so far.

Sena has teamed up with Harman/Kardon and Shoei to release the new Quantum Series consisting of the SRL-MESH and SRL-EXT, both of which have been designed to work on a variety of Shoei helmets, as well as boast industry-leading sound quality care of Harman/Kardon. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

For starters, the SRL-MESH was made to fit Shoei’s touring line of helmets, more specifically, the Neotec 2, SHOEI GT-Air 2, and SHOEI J-Cruise 2 helmets. The MESH was designed with subtlety in mind, and fits perfectly into the interior recesses of these helmets. As such, the comms system is virtually invisible. This poses two benefits—the first being aesthetics. Shoei’s helmets are among the best looking lids in the market, and concealing the comms system retains the helmet’s sleek profile. The second is added comfort, as the comms system won’t catch the wind and produce unnecessary noise.

Sena Releases Quantum SRL-Mesh And SRL-EXT Comms Systems

When it comes to features, the SRL-MESH promises simple operation with a three-button controller on the left side. Furthermore, the right side houses Sena’s one-click automatic connect intercom feature.

Up next, the SRL-EXT has been created for Shoei’s sportier helmet range consisting of the RF-1400, NXR2, and Z-8. As is the case with the MESH, the EXT also promises sleek aesthetics, as it has been designed to fit perfectly with the helmet’s curvature. Furthermore, the unit’s external battery keeps things even slimmer, keeping your helmet looking sporty and streamlined. The unit attaches to the helmet either via a clamp or adhesive mount. The main module is housed on the left side of the hemet, while the external battery sticks to the right side.

Sena Releases Quantum SRL-Mesh And SRL-EXT Comms Systems
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