Shoei’s Neotec II and GT-Air II helmets have long been the go-to lids for touring and sport-touring riders. With a mix of protection and comfort features, it’s no wonder the full-face and modular helmets have remained at the top of the heap for years. Even if the Neotec II and GT-Air II are outpacing the competition, styles change, and Shoei’s latest graphic offerings shift with the times.

The GT-Air II caters to long-distance travelers with an AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell construction, aerodynamic shell shape, extra-wide CNS-1 visor, and dropdown QSV-2 internal sun visor. The redesigned ventilation system increases airflow with a large intake vent positioned at the crown of the helmet along with a chin bar vent that reduces fogging.

A 3-D Max-Dry center pad and chin curtain keep the interior cozy, but the new Aperture and Tesseract colorways add some flare to the package. Shoei offers the Aperture graphic in Red, Fluro Yellow, Green, Silver, and Red/White color combos while Black/Red, Black/Silver, and White/Red/Blue paint schemes make the Tesseract stand out. The GT-Air II retails for $699.99 in both graphics.

2022 Shoei GT-Air II Aperture
2022 Shoei Neotec II Winsome

Shoei’s Neotec II shares a lot of the same touring-biased creature comforts found in the GT-Air II, with its QSV-1 sun visor, improved ventilation system, and plush interior liner. However, the modular helmet ups the ante with its flip-up face cover and face shield. The Neotec II also benefits from a Vortex Generator on the face cover and visor and noise isolating cheek pads for a quieter ride.

For 2022, Shoei adds the Winsome graphic to the Neotec’s repertoire, with Red/Black and White/Gray/Black colorways highlighting the new option. The modular lid carries an $849.99 price tag in the new Winsome design. Shoei offers both the GT-Air II and Neotec II helmets in sizes XS-XXL, and all three graphics are available now.

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