Czech motorcycle tire specialist Mitas has added to its already impressive catalog of off-road focused tires with the launch of the new Terra Force-Ex line. Offered in four variations, the new Terra Force-Ex range of tires is classified as street-legal, so it's perfect for dual-sport, enduro, and adventure riders whose primary focus it is to ride off-road, but need to cover some road miles on the way back home. 

Mitas Terra Force-Ex SM

Mitas Terra Force-Ex SM

Mitas offers the new Terra Force-Ex range of tires for a wide selection of bikes, but the sizes available suggest that it's meant for dual-sport and enduro machines, as well as lightweight enduro-adventure bikes. Kicking things off with the Terra Force-Ex SM, the SM designation indicates that the tire is meant for Soft to Medium terran types, with a focus on both wet and dry conditions. The tire gets a high-knob design – measuring about 0.6 of an inch (17 millimeters). Mitas claims that the tread design offers self-cleaning abilities in mud and loose soil, as well as improved acceleration. 

Mitas Terra Force-Ex MH

Following that is the Terra Force-Ex MH, which stands for Medium to Hard terrain. The tire, like the SM, has an aggressive knob design that helps to increase grip and handling on medium to hard-pack dirt. The side knobs, like the SM version, have a hooked contour for greater acceleration. It comes in three different versions: Super (Fast Enduro), Super Light (Technical Enduro), and Super Soft (Extreme Enduro).

Mitas Terra Force-Ex HT

The Terra Force-EX HT is the tire of choice for demanding enduro riders. It's intended for all sorts of Hard Terrain and, according to Mitas, provides exceptional traction and puncture resistance. The HT has a thicker reinforced carcass with broader and higher tread knobs intended specifically for traction on rough terrain. The knobs additionally have pre-formed holes for inserting injected or screw-in carbide steel studs.

Mitas Terra Force-Ex XT

Last but not least, the new Terra Force-Ex XT is designed for the most demanding terrain. Based on the Mitas XT-754, it provides great grip and puncture resistance owing to a very aggressive tread pattern with high tread knobs measuring 0.7 inch (18 millimeters) and a profile best suited for loose terrain and soft soil. Mitas' new Terra Force-Ex XT is available in Super (Fast) and Super Light (Technical Enduro) configurations.

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