Modern bikes are exceptional in terms of fuel efficiency, thanks to contemporary engine technology and efficient electronic fuel injection systems. Nevertheless, most dirtbikes and off-road capable adventure bikes don't really come with massive fuel tanks. As such, running out of gas on a spirited day on the trails is a possibility. This is especially true if your adventurous spirit leads you into the woods where no gas stations are present. 

The Touratech Voyager fuel bottle was created with the goal of addressing this issue. This receptacle can be attached to the motorcycle's side cases through a bracket specifically designed for Touratech's Zega Evo side cases. This method allows for a stable attachment that has little impact on the overall balance of the system. As a result, adventure and dual-sport riders can reliably benefit from an extra two liters of fuel, which can be vital in difficult situations. You can even mount two of these jerrycans on your bike for even longer adventures off the grid. 

Touratech Presents New Voyager Jerrycan For Off-The-Grid Adventurers

The Touratech Voyager jerrycan is fully composed of steel, is certified to stringent military requirements, and is UN-approved for transporting hazardous chemicals. Its design is intended to provide maximum gas containment system resistance and efficiency. Another benefit of its robustness is that its size is unaffected by heat and gas expansion inside, thus it will always fit exactly in its housing. It has a high-quality metal lid that ensures a tight seal, both to keep gasoline from deteriorating and from leaking when traversing rugged terrain.

The recently introduced Touratec Voyager jerrycan is developed and built in Europe, with a corrosion-resistant interior treatment and a resistant exterior paint in brilliant, high-visibility yellow. Similarly, its outward look contributes to your trail bike's impression of toughness and ruggedness. The jerrycan costs 39.90 Euros, and the bracket for the Zega Evo suitcase costs 34.90 Euros. More details on the Voyager, as well as other ADV-ready goods, may be found on the Touratech website, which is referenced in the sources below.

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