Hand guards are one of the must-have accessories to fully ”adventurize” your bike. New handguard kits have come up from Barkbusters for three different nameplates from three different brands.

Barkbusters claim that their handguards are better and more protective than stock. Backed by solid metal behind the plastic guards, Barkbusters are as tough as their brand name suggests and are able to protect your hands while bombing trails, and your bike's levers just in case you do take a tumble. On top of that, there are also other products in the Barkbusters lineup that you can purchase in addition to the kits that offer more wind protection such as the brand's BBZ model. 

Barkbuters Handguards Benelli

Aprilia Tuareg 660, the Triumph Tiger 1200, and Benelli TRK502 specific kits are available from the brand, with a wealth of guard designs available from Barkbusters’ catalog. All of the kits will include all the mounting hardware that’s tailored to the stock handlebars of each model.

For the Aprilia, the kit is priced at about $100 USD, ($139.95 AUD), and it is compatible with Barkbusters’ full wrap-around guards like the Jet, VPS, Storm, and Carbon designs.

Barkbuters Handguards Benelli TRK502

For the Benelli, it can take the Jet, VPS, Storm, and Carbon handguards from Barkbusters. The price for this kit is also around $100 USD.

Barkbuters Handguards Triumph Tiger 1200

Meanwhile, the Triumph Tiger 1200 lineup also gets the Barkbusters treatment. However, buyers will have to remember to order the specific Pro and Explorer kits as the handlebars are different between the two. It’s also the same price at about $100 USD, and the kit can also accommodate the Jet, VPS, Storm, and Carbon-style covers.

Part numbers:

  • Aprilia Tuareg 660 - BHG-105-00-NP
  • Benelli TRK502/TRK502X - BHG-103-00-NP
  • Triumph Tiger 1200 GT/GT Pro & Rally Pro - BHG-101-00-NP
  • Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer & Rally Explorer - BHG-102-00-NP
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