I hate to say it, but a whole lot of new motorcycle color choices have been distressingly drab over the past handful of years. That's clearly talking outside of brand colors, like Kawasaki Green, Ducati Red, or KTM Orange, which are always there in one form or another.

I love a nicely done gray as much as anyone. But your aesthetic mileage may vary, and not every shade is necessarily nice. Some are just blah, like the cold and gray slush you accidentally stepped in and soaked through your shoe. No one wants that.

There have been some bright spots, such as Yamaha's great cyan splashes on some of its range (the MT models particularly come to mind). The blue there is almost similar to Petronas blue, which is a great color and one beloved of racing nerds worldwide. Unfortunately, bright splashes of color like that have been more the exception than the rule as of late. Bold accents in an increasingly drab, sad world.

That's exactly why Triumph's 2025 returning model lineup is easy on the eyes.

Sure, you could say "Here are a bunch of bikes we've seen before, only with new paint and graphics." And while that's not untrue, neither you nor I buy bikes just because we like their wheelbase, or their suspension, or what tires they come with from the factory. 

We buy them because they speak to us. And a strong factor in how they speak to us is how they look. Do they grab us by the eyeballs (metaphorically or literally; your choice) and make us eager to find out more? 

For 2025, Triumph did what it does and dug into its long history for inspiration; not only on lines, but also on chosen colorways.

The 2025 Triumph Scrambler 900 comes in Kingfisher Blue. The '25 Speedmaster comes in a two-tone Snowdonia White and Cranberry Red finish. The Bonnie T100 comes in Aluminium Silver/Baja Orange, and the T120 in Crystal White/Cranberry Red. The Bonnie Bobber comes in Matt Graphite/Matt Baja Orange, and the Speed Twin 900 comes in Matt Phantom Black/Matt Crystal White. 

Gallery: 2025 Triumph New Colors

Hopping over to the Roadster side of the garage, the 2025 Street Triple 765 R comes in Matt Baja Orange, the Street Triple 765 RS in Phantom Black, and the Speed Triple 1200 RS in Cosmic Yellow.

Finally, in adventure-land, the 2025 Tiger Sport 660 comes in a Baja Orange/Phantom Black colorway. That brings me to the most welcome color renaissance in the lineup, as far as I'm concerned. It's on the 2025 Triumph Tiger 850 Sport, and it is a new Roulette Green and Jet Black colorway. 

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Roulette Green, guys! I've missed it. My partner had two different Speed Fours at two different times. One was Roulette Green, and the other was Tangerine Orange. Honestly, both colors looked great, but Roulette Green has a special place in my heart. It's such a good color.

What's your favorite new 2025 Triumph color? Or, if you don't like any of them very much, what's a color you wish Triumph would bring back in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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