Year after year, Husqvarna—along with its sibling companies GasGas and KTM—have been rolling out tweaks to their motocross and enduro bikes. And while a lot of these changes seem minor, when you add all these little tweaks up, you get some of the most capable dirt bikes out there.

This is exactly what Husqvarna hopes to achieve for the 2025 model year, as the Swedish marque has just pulled the covers off its dirt bike range designed for high-adrenaline motocross riding and cross-country enduro and trail exploration.

Across the board, the new models feature enhancements to the frame, engine mounts, bodywork, and suspension tuning, with Husqvarna claiming improved response and handling. More specifically, the new bikes get lightened frames, with varying tube wall thicknesses in certain areas to optimize durability, all while engineering a certain degree of flex for extra compliance.

Oh yeah, these will be great.

Husqvarna’s 2025 Dirt Bike Lineup Is Ready To Rip Off-Road

Like before, the bikes all feature top-tier componentry, sporting components from the likes of WP, ProTaper, Brembo, and Dunlop. And just like Husky’s orange cousins, the 2025 dirt bikes feature the KTM Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO), allowing riders to customize engine maps and suspension settings via their smartphones—a particularly useful feature for both racers and weekend warriors alike.

Diving into the specific models, the Husqvarna TC 150 makes its debut for the 2024 model year. This two-stroke model makes it ideal for MX racers looking for a lightweight machine that can go toe-to-toe with top-notch 250cc four-stroke machines. Meanwhile, the new TC300 builds atop the TC250’s foundation, presenting itself as a two-stroke alternative to 450cc four-stroke models.

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Moving on to the four-stroke machinery, Husqvarna will continue to sell the FC 250, 350, and 450 motocrossers for 2025, this time with updates to the electronics, suspension settings, and frames.

As for the trail bikes, the TX 300 and FX 350 are marketed as cross-country machines, but are based on high-performance motocross platforms designed for off-road racing. Like the other models in the lineup, these bikes get tweaks to the chassis, electronics, and suspension settings.

Husqvarna’s 2025 Dirt Bike Lineup Is Ready To Rip Off-Road
Husqvarna’s 2025 Dirt Bike Lineup Is Ready To Rip Off-Road

And of course, no Husqvarna model-year range would be complete without an accompanying Apparel Collection, and for 2025, Husky’s rolling out a new range of riding gear and equipment to match the styling of its 2025 models.

All the specs and details of the 2025 Husqvarna motocross and trail bikes can be found in the brand’s official website. The company says that the new models will hit authorized dealerships from June 2024 onwards. So if you’re keen on adding one of these steeds to your collection, be sure to get in touch with your nearest Husky dealer.

Gallery: Husqvarna’s 2025 Dirt Bike Lineup Is Ready To Rip Off-Road

Husqvarna’s bikes have always represented the pinnacle of off-road performance, and it seems that the company never runs out of innovations to throw into its bikes. It just goes to show how far performance, specifically in the off-road scene, has come—and still has to go.

Would you like to take these new dirt bikes out for a spin? I know I would.

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