Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda has released quite a wide selection of cruisers in recent months, all of which with unique styling, impressive performance, and attractive price tags. This time around, the brand is at it again with the release of the new Chinchilla 400, a retro-style cruiser that’s packing a respectable amount of tech and performance.

The Chinchilla 450 comes shortly after the release of the BD 300, a smaller motorcycle with a 298cc V-twin engine. Now, Benda has increased the displacement to 448cc, bumping power figures up to 50 horsepower and 32 pound-feet of torque. From a technical standpoint, it employs an over-square layout, as it has a bore measuring 67 millimeters and a stroke of 63.6 millimeters. This means that the engine is revvy, zippy, and nimble – somewhat atypical for a cruiser. As such, Benda claims a rather speedy top speed of 94 miles per hour.

Chinese Manufacturer Benda Unveils New Chinchilla 450 Cruiser

As for the bike’s underpinnings, it gets an inverted front fork up front, and a pair of preload-adjustable shock absorbers at the rear. A long wheelbase of 1,545 millimeters promises a stable ride, while the fat tires on the 16-inch wheels should provide additional road comfort. Power is sent to the rear wheel via a belt-drive system, keeping things quiet and virtually maintenance-free. Last but not least, the bike comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes with ABS. The front makes use of a quad-piston caliper, while the rear gets a sliding single-piston brake.

The Benda Chinchilla 450 gets a rather interesting saddle, as it features a step-up saddle more commonly found on sportier machines. This gives the bike a sporty aesthetic, akin to the likes of the Harley Sportster, while also providing acceptable passenger accommodations. Meanwhile, Benda has kept the cockpit rather simple with the integration of a digital instrument pod, bar-end mirrors, and a moderately raised handlebar. Lastly, the bike gets a round LED headlight complete with the Benda emblem embossed inside.

At present the new Benda Chinchilla 450 is sold only in China, however, the notion of this bike making its way to Europe is by no means far-fetched. It will have to be tweaked to produce a maximum of 48 horsepower in order to be A2 compliant, but fitting it with a restrictor kit will more than likely be an easy, straightforward procedure.

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