Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto is at it again. After just pulling the veils off the 450 SR S sportbike, CFMoto has dropped yet another model, this time catering to retro aficionados. It's called the CLC 450 Bobber, and as the name suggests, it takes on the form of an old-school-style cruiser with a custom look right out of the factory. 

Ever since announcing its entry into the U.S. market, it seems that CFMoto has been hard at work revamping its model range to include a wider selection of two-wheelers than ever before. We already have the 450SS (also known as the 450SR in other countries) as well as the Ibex 800 (A.K.A., the 800MT) in the U.S., so chances are this model lineup will only grow. As for the CLC 450 Bobber, it's quite an interesting proposition especially for beginner riders looking for an approachable yet stylish machine. 

CFMoto Unveils The CLC 450 Bobber In China

It's clear that the CLC Bobber looks to take on the likes of the Honda Rebel 500, and perhaps even the Royal Enfield Super Meteor. Though I was hoping that this bike would take on the powerplant of the 450SS – a 443cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin with a 270-degree crank – it seems that this isn't the case. A report published by Italian motorcycling journal Motociclismo states that the CLC Bobber is equipped with an engine based on the 400NK naked bike found in the Asian and Australian markets. This means that it'll be sporting a rather lackluster 180-degree crank, with power figures at 45 ponies and 25.2 pound-feet. 

CFMoto Unveils The CLC 450 Bobber In China

It's a shame that CFMoto didn't opt for the 270-crank, as this engine's power characteristics, and not to mention its sound, would have matched the Bobber's retro and rugged looks perfectly. Nevertheless, chances are this bike will be one of CFMoto's more budget-friendly offerings, as it features rather basic componentry. For starters, it's equipped with inverted telescopic forks, and a laterally mounted rear monoshock. The bike comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes equipped with dual-channel ABS. 

When it comes to availability, CFMoto is expected to roll out the CLC 450 Bobber in China towards the tail end of June. Meanwhile, global availability, specifically in Europe and the U.S. is still up in the air. 

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