Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Benda has introduced a number of radical bikes in recent years. The brand previously launched the wild LFC700 cruiser, with its massive rear tire and inline-four engine. The revised 300cc V-twin cruiser, the BD300, has now been made available by the brand in its home country. The cruiser's price of CNY 23,880, or $3,531 USD, doesn't seem excessive, especially considering all that it delivers for that kind of money.

As some of you are aware, the demand for small to mid-displacement cruisers in the Asian market is rising. In response, Harley-Davidson has chosen to collaborate with Chinese manufacturer QJ Motor. That being said, Benda looks to beat the MoCo to the punch with the BD300. The new traction control system, an uncommon feature in cruisers, especially in this sector, is the highlight of this revised model. But there are a few updates in the style department worth noting, too.

Benda Releases Updated BD300 Cruiser In The Chinese Market

The Benda BD300 is equipped with a 298cc V-twin engine that produces 30 horsepower and 17.71 ft-lbs of torque. In addition, the Benda BD300 now has updated brakes, an LCD display unit, and a redesigned single-sided dual slash-cut exhaust configuration. Other than these modifications, the Chinese bike manufacturer hasn't changed the cruiser. The same belt-drive system, USD fork, and dual rear shock suspension configuration are still present, along with 16-inch alloy wheels.

For a more comfortable, upright riding posture, Benda has now equipped the revised BD300 with a wider, higher rise handlebar. The fuel tank, fenders, and wheels of the bike have all been changed to give the cruiser a more upscale appearance. The bike's dual-channel ABS and full LED lighting system are still present. For now, the BD300 is available only in the Chinese market. However, with Benda making its way to other neighboring Asian countries and even in Europe, it isn’t a far-fetched notion that the BD300 would soon make its way to the global market.

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