Two images of QJ Motor cruisers have come up, and both have a fairly interesting tale to tell beyond bags and headlight cowls.

QJ Motor’s been cooking up a lot of things in its kitchen lately, the likes of which include a brand new maxi scoot called the Fortress 350, a 650-class ADV, and an updated 600RR sportbike in its home country. This time around, the Chinese company’s further diversifying its lineup with news of a pair of 700cc cruisers making the rounds on the internet.

The two images are said to come from QJ’s design studio, and the company is said to be working on two projects that will create two custom bikes with the aforementioned 700cc engines, one a bagger, and one a standard cruiser.

It’s very likely that these two models will be in the QJ Motor pipeline soon, and the images could indicate that the Chinese brand might have these two models in for a certain American cruiser brand, but more on that later.

The engine that QJ Motor will use for these two bikes is likely to be a 693cc parallel-twin motor similar to the one found in the CFMoto 700 CL-X. That being said, the CL-X’s mill already indicates that the new QJs could come with a 180-degree crankshaft and a power output of about 73 horsepower. Having this engine puts the new QJ Motor cruisers could go toe-to-toe with the Kawasaki Vulcan 650 and perhaps even the Honda Rebel 500off the top of our heads.

QJ Motor 700cc Cruisers

Now, the two designs look like they have a tubular steel frame similar to QJ’s Flash 500 cruiser, which also uses a twin-cylinder that can also be found in Benelli bikes. While the mounting points may differ slightly, it’s still a twin in its packaging, so a similar frame isn’t out of the ordinary.

However, the more interesting news bit for these two projects involves Harley-Davidson. It’s known that the two companies have a working relationship with one another, and H-D and QJ could be dreaming up some small-displacement cruisers that are rumored to come in 353cc and 500cc flavors, though the models have not yet been revealed or announced. That being said, the Benelli 302S and the Benelli Leoncino are two models that H-D can take from in order to make the relationship bear fruit. Now, with this new 700cc model in the mix, things might get a little more interesting.

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