QJ Motor, a Chinese motorcycle company under the Qianjiang group, is arguably one of the most aggressive motorcycle manufacturers when it comes to expansion. The brand has recently stirred the market with the launch of a lot of models – particularly in the middleweight sportbike, naked, and adventure segments. Needless to say, the brand is showing no signs of slowing down. 

In the U.S., you may be familiar with Benelli, the Italian brand now owned by the same parent company as QJ Motor. With ties to automotive industry giants like Geely and Volvo, there's really no surprise as to why QJ Motor is able to churn out as many bikes as it does. That being said, it's once again hitting the middleweight sportbike segment with a middleweight contender called the SRK 800 RR. Now, this bike has yet to make it to production, but multiple sources have stated that it's ready to go into production, and will first hit the market in China, as is usually the case. 

The SRK 800 RR builds atop the other SR models in QJ Motor's lineup, such as the twin-cylinder-powered SRK 400 RR, as well as the inline-four-equipped SRK 600 RR. It gets an all-new engine, with a displacement of 778cc. It also takes the form of an inline-four-cylinder engine with 102 horsepower. In terms of performance, it's clear to see that this bike has no intentions of being a revival of the 750cc supersports. Rather, it has performance akin to that of middleweight sport-tourers. Furthermore, the engine is said to have a lot in common with that of the Honda CBR650R – nothing really new when it comes to Chinese manufacturers.

Overall, the SRK 800 RR isn't all that lightweight, tipping the scales at 207 kilograms. It also shares the same wheelbase as the CBR650R, at 1,450 millimeters. Running gear consists of inverted front forks and a rear monoshock, and the bike comes to a stop with dual disc brakes up front and a single disc at the rear. Bosch ABS is expected to come as standard, too. Last but not least, the SRK 800 RR is distinguished from the rest of the lineup with its fairing-mounted winglets. 

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