The BMW S 1000 RR and its naked sibling the S 1000 R represent the pinnacle of on-road performance from the German manufacturer. They're loved by sportbike aficionados all over the world, and it's clear to see why. First off, they're equipped with cutting edge tech out of the factory, and performance that makes them some of the fastest road-going vehicles in the world. 

That being said, due to the fact that these bikes are production models at the end of the day, they're fitted with surprisingly quiet exhaust systems which not only conform to emissions regulations, but keep the bikes quite, too. That said, when it comes to top-tier sportbikes like the S 1000, the stock exhaust is usually the first to go, with most riders installing an aftermarket slip-on option right away. Perhaps this is why there are countless options available for the BMW S 1000 RR, from a myriad of exhaust specialists all over the world. 


This brings us to Austin Racing, one of the more boutique exhaust manufacturers known for their very loud – both visually and auditory – exhaust systems. The Italian brand creates striking exhaust systems for a variety of bikes, and sells them on a made-to-order basis. As it would turn out, it has quite a few options for the BMW S 1000 R and RR. 

The Austin Racing V3 Mini slip-on exhaust has two canister length options: 140mm or 200mm. It is also available in two distinct finishes: black ceramic and titanium. The GP1RS, on the other hand, has a 50mm bore angular tip and is available in four color options: silver, black, graphite, and pure titanium. The GP1RS also has a detachable hanging bracket that can be removed if desired. Furthermore, it's made of lightweight titanium components, weighing in squarely at one kilogram – less than half the stock pipe's 2.2-kilogram weight. 

Check Out Austin Racing's Exhaust Options For The BMW S 1000 R And RR

Austin Racing's V3 Mini and GP1RS exhaust systems have been homologated in compliance with EU regulations. These slip-on solutions are intended to be street legal while still meeting emissions and noise restrictions. The presence of an "E" engraving on the canister identifies the homologated models. It's worth noting that these exhaust systems have a non-removable dB killer. Attempting to remove the dB killer will ruin the exhaust system and, of course, render the system illegal on the road.

For those with the intention of fitting a track-only exhaust system, Austin Racing also offers non-homologated exhaust systems with removable dB killers. These are available in either slip-on, or full-system configurations. Do note, however, that these non-homologated exhaust systems are not approved for street use, as they don't comply with emissions and noise regulations. 

The Austin Racing V3 Mini and GP1RS exhaust systems are priced differently depending on the desired finish, homologation standards, and other accessories. Furthermore, Austin Racing specifies a wait time of one to ten weeks when ordering, since each exhaust system is individually manufactured to match their high quality and precise requirements. I recommend checking their official website for more thorough price information. 

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