In November 2022, Indian performance electric motorcycle manufacturer Ultraviolette announced the launch of the F77 Limited Edition. The F77 is praised for being the first made-in-India performance-oriented electric motorcycle. It sports futuristic styling, and a relatively powerful electric motor setting a new standard for electric motorcycles in the region. 

Indeed, in a previous story, I told you about Ultraviolette's lofty ambitions for the future. In the pipeline are many more iterations of the F77, including touring and adventure models. There's even going to be a racing series featuring the electric motorcycles. That said, in the here and now, deliveries of the F77 Limited Edition have already commenced. This special two-wheeler is limited only to 77 units, and of course, all of them have already been accounted for. 

Apart from the F77 Limited Edition, there are two other variants to choose from, and Ultraviolette is still accepting orders for these models. More specifically, the F77 Original, priced at Rs 380,000 ($4,628 USD), and the F77 Recon, retailing for Rs 455,000 ($5,541 USD), continue to be open for reservations. 

Ultraviolette Begins Shipping The F77 Limited Edition To Customers

In terms of performance, the F77 is one of the most powerful production electric motorcycles from India. The base model is equipped with a 27 kilowatt electric motor, which translates to about 36 horsepower. Meanwhile, the F77 Recon bumps the power up to 29 kilowatts – or about 39 horsepower. Unfortunately, the now-sold-out F77 Limited got the biggest motor, with a max output of 30.2 kilowatts, or approximately 40 horsepower. On top of all that, the bike has a tested real-world range of 261 kilometers (163 miles) on a single charge in Eco mode. 

F77 Limited Edition aside, Ultraviolette has recently inaugurated its first experience center called the Ultraviolette Hangar. The brand has always leveraged on an aviation-focused theme for the performance-oriented machine, and the newly opened Bangalor experience center offers precisely this. The are comprises a large 10,000-square-foot area, and even features flight simulation technology to allow potential customers to experience what the F77 has to offer. The experience center is also set to be a one-stop-shop for all things Ultraviolette including service, parts, accessories, and gear. 

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