What a difference a month makes, hey? In March, 2023, moto traveler Marc Travels showed us that his Zero SR/F was reasonably capable at handling some light off-road duties while riding in Tunisia. Now that it’s April, he and his girlfriend/travel companion Maree are riding through Albania. While that first off-road SR/F jaunt didn’t have mud and water crossings, Albania’s K1 route seems to have them in abundance. 

Unlike the first SR/F off-road video that Marc shared with viewers, Maree and the Jimny don’t appear to be anywhere in the vicinity. The further that Marc gets on the K1, the clearer the reason for this becomes. The route is incredibly narrow, and although part of that is undoubtedly the way things look through the cameras he’s using to record the journey, it also seems like either two wheels or two legs are your best bet if you’re going to get around on this trail. 

If the small amount of off-road riding that Marc did in Tunisia was fairly gentle terrain, the K1 appears to be anything but. Plenty of sketchy rocks, big mud puddles, uphill climbing, downhill climbing, and more make up the bulk of this video. Know what, though? The views are absolutely incredible, and Marc’s successfully navigating this trail on his SR/F is the only reason that we’re getting to see them. 

At one point, we hear a loud scrape as he hits the bash plate that’s protecting the battery and controller unit while going over a particularly rocky bit of terrain. A quick check afterward reveals that the bash plate is fine, and is completely intact. It has a large scratch in the bottom now, but much better that than anything it’s protecting, right? 

While the K1 is very rocky and tricky, it doesn’t appear to be extremely dusty, which is at least one good thing. The SR/F is belt-driven, and Marc says that he tries to be careful and also check it occasionally. In any case, both Marc and Eve (his name for the SR/F) did an admirable job navigating this route and then riding back home to the Airbnb location where he and Maree are staying for the time being. There’s snow and ice, and Marc is fairly freezing by the time he gets back there—but he did what he set out to do, and was able to go home and warm up afterward. That seems like a good day to us. 

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