Italian exhaust specialist HP Corse is known for its wide selection of aftermarket exhaust systems for all types of motorbikes. Its newest offering comes in the form of four new exhaust options for KTM's 890 Adventure and Adventure R models. Let's dive right in.

HP Corse SP-1 Carbon Short

HP Corse SP-1 Carbon Short For KTM 890 Adventure

For 732 Euros, the SP-1 Carbon Short gives the KTM 890 Adventure an OEM-plus look. It features a titanium casing and a carbon fiber end cap, as well as a carbon fiber heat shield. With molded conical bottoms, a 300-millimeter casing, and TIG welded construction, the pipe is lightweight, weighing in at just 2,550 grams. It's finished off with a subtle yet stylish HP Corse logo which has been laser engraved. 

SP-1 Short Titanium

HP Corse SP-1 Short For KTM 890 Adventure

Up next, HP Corse's Short Titanium is the sleekest and simplest of the bunch. Featuring carbon fiber elements contrasting with a titanium case, the exhaust pipe retains the KTM 890 Adventure's modern and aggressive styling. It draws inspiration from the world of racing with a round exhaust outlet extending from the tip of the exhaust can. It's constructed with TIG welding technology, and features reinforced frame brackets. Overall, the SP-1 Short titanium is also suitable for daily use, as it's Euro 5 compliant. It retails for 610 Euros. 

HP Corse 4-Track R 

HP Corse 4-Track R For KTM 890 Adventure

The next exhaust system from HP Corse comes in three colorways – Titanium, Black, and Satin. Like the Short Titanium, the 4-Track R is also inspired by the world of racing, and features a seamless, hydroformed steel spout. It features a carbon fiber heat shield, as well as reinforced frame brackets ensuring longevity and durability. On top of all that, the exhaust system is Euro 5 approved, so you can ride easy knowing the sporty exhaust system has undergone the necessary R&D to merit road use. It retails for 817.40 Euros. 

HP Corse SPS Carbon Short

HP Corse SPS Carbon Short For KTM 890 Adventure

Last but certainly not least, the HP Corse SPS Carbon Short is the most expensive of the lot, as well as the best crafted of the series. It comes in three finishes consisting of Titanium, Black, and Satin, priced at 1,030.90 Euros, 1,018.70 Euros, and 908.90 Euros, respectively. Across the board, the SPS Carbon Short flaunts a carbon fiber heat shield and end cap, as well as reinforced frame brackets and a laser-engraved logo. The 300-millimeter casing features a seamless, hydroformed spout for a clean look, giving it an OEM-plus aesthetic. Like the other offerings, it's Euro 5 compliant, as well. 

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