When it comes to adventure bikes, especially those designed primarily for off-road, there are tons of upgrades designed to improve performance, specifically by reducing weight. In a similar fashion as to how swapping out the exhaust on a street bike results in lighter weight and an enhanced sound, this benefit is much more apparent with ADVs, as they usually have upswept exhausts, resulting in a higher center of gravity. 

This is why upgrades as simple as a slip-on exhaust system can do quite a lot in improving an adventure-enduro bike's off-road handling. Having said that, KTM's dynamic duo of adventure bikes, i.e., the 890 Adventure R and Husqvarna Norden 901 just got a shiny new aftermarket exhaust system from Italian manufacturer HP Corse in the form of the SP-1 Carbon. HP Corse has quite an extensive catalog of products designed for all sorts of bikes. In fact, prior to the launch of the SP-1 Carbon, it already had quite the impressive assortment of products for these bikes. 

HP Corse Launches SP-1 Carbon Slip-On For KTM And Husky ADVs
HP Corse Launches SP-1 Carbon Slip-On For KTM And Husky ADVs

Nevertheless, the SP-1 Carbon is ideal for those who want to maintain a sleek, minimalist look that's similar to stock, while reducing weight and improving sound just a little bit. HP Corse describes its new exhaust system as a "celebration of simplicity and clean lines." In terms of styling, the SP-1 Carbon draws inspiration from the exhaust systems used in the Dakar Rally, with an emphasis on performance, and boasting a lightweight construction.

HP Corse's SP-1 Carbon has a simple, oval-shaped body measuring 300 millimeters in length. The titanium casing used on the silencer is 0.8 millimeters thick, and is lined with high-quality sound-absorbing materials. Meanwhile, the pipe gets a molded bottom and a carbon fiber end-cap for a clean look. There's also a carbon fober heat shield, and the HP Corse logo is laser-engraved on the side of the muffler. All the hardware needed to install the pipe onto the bike is made of titanium and tig welded by hand for maximum durability. 

Last but not least, assuming you're running your stock headers with the catalytic converter, the HP Corse SP-1 Carbon slip-on is street legal and in full compliance with Euro 5 regulations. It retails for 732 Euros, or approximately $785 USD on HP Corse's official website. 

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