Are you looking for a little something special for your new Yamaha R7? If the answer is yes, and a new exhaust is on your list, then you’ll want to know what Akrapovič has been up to lately. The Slovenian exhaust specialist just added a new Racing Line Titanium entry to its catalog, crafted specifically to fit the Yamaha R7—and best of all, it has full Euro 5 EC/ECE type approval. 

It looks beautiful and offers the kind of throaty growl that Akrapovič is so good at, but there’s more to this exhaust than just its aesthetic qualities. According to the firm’s own dynamometer testing, the R7 Racing Line Titanium exhaust also generates some modest performance gains over the stock unit, as well.  

What kind of numbers are we talking about? The exhaust maker noted a 2.0 horsepower gain at 9,200 rpm, as well as added torque of 1.1 newton-meters (about 0.8 pound-feet) of torque at 5,000 rpm. While those numbers aren’t huge, they could definitely be just one part of a larger performance mod strategy that adds several small gains together. 

Akprapovic Yamaha R7 Racing Line Titanium Exhaust - Rear View

The other important quality that comes with just about every Akrapovič titanium exhaust is weight savings over the stock unit, and that’s definitely the case with this Yamaha R7 system. It tips the scales at 0.7 kilograms (1.5 pounds) less than stock. Just like the performance gains, while it isn’t massive on its own, every little bit helps when you’re trying to shave weight off your bike. 

Akrapovič purposely kept the design language of this R7 exhaust in line with its previous options for the R1 and R6. The muffler shape stays the same, but of course the volume is a little smaller to more accurately fit this particular model. It also shares design cues with 2021 WSBK world champion rider Toprak Razgatlioğlu’s Pata Yamaha Brixx R1, so you can channel a little bit of your WSBK love into your life every day, if you like.

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