The 2023 Bike Shed Moto Show at the London location is fast approaching, and will take place from Friday, May 27 (preview only) through Sunday, May 29. While there’s sure to be lots of interest to take in, it’s also the place where Indian Motorcycle, Sideburn Magazine, and customizer Toshiyuki ‘Cheetah’ Osawa will unveil their latest creation for the first time. 

If you guessed that it’s a custom FTR, then grab yourself a biscuit. “Sideburn grew out of my love of flat track racing and the aesthetics of the sport, so our relationship with Indian Motorcycle, who absolutely dominate in the sport, has always been a natural fit. Being able to collaborate with Indian Motorcycle and my favourite custom builder is a real high point in Sideburn’s history and I can’t wait to bring Cheetah’s sketches to life,” Sideburn founder Gary Inman said in a statement. 

Osawa, who is an important part of the Japanese dirt track scene, is known for favoring hand-formed alloy bodywork in his designs. For his part, Inman is stoked about the partnership. 

Gallery: Indian Motorcycle x Sideburn Magazine x Cheetah

“Despite the wildly varied custom scene in Japan, Cheetah and I are on the same page, and we are keen to create a custom that, while celebrating the moto cultures of the US, UK and Japan, still retains all the great elements that make the FTR such a desirable motorcycle. Alongside a plan to add some choice components, the real highlight for me will be when Cheetah flies into the UK to fit the aluminum bodywork that he’ll be fabricating in Japan,” Inman continued. 

As the build progresses, there’s also a video series that’s being recorded along the way and will be released on Indian Motorcycle UK’s official YouTube channel to follow the process. The project, called Tokyo Connection, will make its first official public appearance at the 2023 Bike Shed Moto Show in London.  

At the time of writing, tickets are already available at the Bike Shed website. They start at £26.49 (about $32.53) and range up to £39.49 (about $48.49). Be aware that these prices are early bird ticket prices, and tickets at the door will be more expensive. Kids under 16 get in free, though, which is great if you’re planning to bring the fam.

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