Indian treaded into the club-style, performance cruiser segment with its 2022 Indian Scout Rogue. While the model’s quarter fairing, mini-apes, single-seat, 19-inch front wheel, and blacked-out color scheme adhere to the Sons of Anarchy motif, the Rogue mostly conforms to the standard Scout template.

To push the variant's performance boundaries, long-time collaborator and Hardnine Choppers builder Danny Schneider got his hands on a brand-new Rogue. With a background in Freestyle Motocross, the Bern, Switzerland-based customizer was the ideal partner for the project.

“My idea when I first saw the Scout Rogue, I actually liked it a lot, was performance racing – this is where I’m coming from – I really wanted to craft it to suit my hard riding style and we’ve done everything we can with performance parts,” revealed Schneider. “We started out with the Öhlins front forks and Öhlins rear shock, suspension is the most important thing for me coming from a motocross background.”

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Not every component was plug-and-play, however. Schneider altered the bike’s triple trees to accept the new front end and adapted the headlight cowl to work with the sporty ProTaper handlebars. A set of Roland Sands Design tracker wheels replace the stock units, but Schneider also had to fashion custom mounts to accommodate the Beringer calipers and front master cylinder.

The Hardnine headman even turned to Beringer for a matching clutch lever, but the Dynojet quickshifter practically makes that addition obsolete. The Rogue may maintain the Scout’s 94 horsepower and 71.5 lb-ft of torque but the Jekill and Hyde 2-into-1 exhaust unleashes the 1,133 V-twin's full roar. To save precious pounds, Schneider went as far as shaving down the primary cover to its minimal dimensions.

After all those performance preparations, the Hardnine crew sided with a King of the Baggers-inspired livery to highlight the Scout Rogue’s sporty aspirations. Schneider and Indian then presented the project at EICMA 2022, showing all of Europe the platform’s custom potential.

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