Workhorse Speed Shop has lived up to its name in the past year. The Wavre, Belgium-based garage delivered a streamlined 2009 Triumph Street Triple 1050 in April, 2021, before turning its attention to two Indian FTR custom projects. Workhorse Speed Shop founder Brice Hennebert hit us with the ‘80s-inspired FTR AMA in February, 2022, and he hasn’t wasted any time following it up with the second build in the series—the FTR Black Swan.

While the FTR AMA paid homage to vintage road racers with an eye-catching front number plate, the Black Swan goes full superbike with an aggressive front fairing. Hennerbert may have fabricated a custom fuel tank and 7020 aluminum swingarm for the build but he turned to the CNC machining experts at Vinco Racing Engineering for the swingarm fitting, chassis plates, triple trees, and fuel cell components.

Gallery: Black Swan: 2022 Indian FTR

With the chassis sorted, Hennebert finalized the one-piece bodywork CAD design and 3D print before enlisting carbon fiber specialist 13.8 Composites. Thanks to the lightweight construction, the bodywork only weighs 3.9 pounds, aligning with the build’s sporty intentions.

“I had the vision to build a sportbike for road use, really sporty, built like a GP bike,” explained Hennebert. “It’s deeply inspired by ‘90s sportbikes, all made from carbon fiber. The owner of the bike gave me total freedom around the project. So, I pushed all the levels to my maximum. That’s what happens when I have total freedom from the commissioners of a project. It’s pretty unique and the most complicated build I’ve done to date.”

Utilizing 3D printing yet again, Hennebert fashioned an upper and lower “eyelid” in order to hide the stock headlight when not in use. Two stepper motors control the contraption, resulting in a smooth and cinematic opening and closing function. To cap off the build, Hennebert bolted on a custom Akrapovic exhaust and upgraded the original suspension with Ohlins units. Alcantara leather upholstery on the dash and seat elevates the Black Swan that much more.

Workhorse Speed Shop has lived up to its name and reputation yet again, and as a result, the Indian FTR has never looked so menacing.

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