Indian Motorcycle overhauled the Chief platform for 2022 with an all-new frame, barebones styling, and the brand’s Ride Command technology. To illustrate the Chief’s custom-friendly nature, Indian launched the 2022 Chief Custom Build-Off contest. Featuring master builders Paul Cox, Keino Sasaki, and motocross great Carey Hart, the competition will exhibit the cruiser’s stylistic versatility.

After Paul Cox and Keino Sasaki unveiled their chopper-inspired Chief, Brat Style headman Go Takamine delivers a vintage-styled Chief that honors the brand’s roots. Takamine is known for flat tracking a hardtail, tank-shift vintage Indian and his 2022 Indian Chief build captures that golden era of motorcycling.

Gallery: Brat Style Indian Chief: 2022 Indian Chief Limited

Starting with a 2022 Chief Limited, Takamine ditches the bags, windshield, and stock fenders. The cruiser’s stock dual-shock setup may provide 3 inches of travel at the rear, but Takamine reduces that number to zero, hardtailing the Chief with a cross member between the frame and rear axle. The Brat Style builder then repurposes a 1937 Ford Truck spare tire fender for the rear mudguard. An original 1940s Indian Chief fender end piece adds a period-correct touch while the low-profile sissy bar calls back to the strut-mounted fenders of yore.

Up front, brass risers and low-rise handlebars align with the bobber style, but Takamine relocates the four-inch round touchscreen below the tank for a streamlined silhouette. Fork shrouds give the front end more visual weight while Takamine narrows the fuel tank by two inches for a slimmer profile. A spring-loaded solo leather saddle, brass foot pegs, dual cone-end exhaust pipes, throwback headlamp, and Shi-Sa tail light maintain the retro look.

Painted in a black base, the Brat Style Chief tank features old-school scallops and Indian’s classic script logo in gold. With two builds of three in the books, we’re looking forward to Carey Hart’s latest take on the platform and the ultimate showdown between the 2022 Indian Chief customs.

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