Indian Motorcycle wants customers to know just how customizable its revamped 2022 Indian Chief really is. Released in February, 2021, the American V-twin brand only spared two months before it announced the 2022 Chief Custom Build-Off in April, 2021. That contest runs parallel with Indian’s collaboration with London tattoo shop No Regrets Studio. By July, 2021, Australian tattoo artist Mayonaize revealed his take on the big-bore cruiser

Now, Japan’s pre-eminent tattoo artist Shige just joined the fray with a design steeped in Japanese lore. In the mid-’90s, Shige worked as a motorcycle mechanic by day while moonlighting as a tattoo artist. His passion for motorcycles helps led him to the Indian X No Regrets collaboration and inspired his approach to the design.

“I picked the ‘Oni demon with storm of falling cherry blossoms’ design. My understanding of tattooing is different from what the majority thinks – who understand it mainly as decoration. The reason for the placement of an Oni-demon tattooed on the belly means you have Oni-demon in the center of the body and heart, this translates to the motorcycle fuel tank.”

Indian Motorcycle X No Regrets Series - Shige (Right Side)
Indian Motorcycle X No Regrets Series - Shige (Tank)

“The Oni-demon stands for strong will and protection; Oni is a demon, but its meaning is not evil. It wards off bad luck and protects you from evil. Having Oni-demon tattooed on the belly shows one’s determination to live in this harsh world with a strong heart.”

For now, Indian presents Shige’s design with a digital rendering of the 2022 Indian Chief. With Mayonaize and Shige’s designs already revealed, Carlos Torress of the U.S. will unveil the contest’s final entry in the coming months. By spring 2022, Indian will lift the covers on the physical versions at a VIP event in London.

Indian Motorcycle X No Regrets Series - Shige

In addition to the design contest, Indian and No Regrets are offering riders the chance to win their dream tattoo. Exclusive to motorcyclists from Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K., one lucky winner will get a two-day studio session (valued at €6000 [$7,007 USD]) compliments of No Regrets & Indian Motorcycle. To enter, contestants just need to register for an Indian test ride online.

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