The rise in popularity of electric two-wheelers across Europe has given birth to numerous new and exciting mobility devices that blue the line between e-bike and electric motorcycle. One of which is the new Colibri M22, a lightweight electric motorbike that's designed specifically for the city-dweller with a penchant for adventure. 

The brainchild of Petre Georgescu, who also designed the incredibly lightweight Hummingbird e-bike, Colibri as a brand hopes to establish lightweight electric mobility as a viable alternative to gas-powered transportation—with the hope of injecting a lot of fun into the equation. The result is this rugged, lightweight electric bike that looks like a cross between a mountain bike and electric motorcycle. One glance at the bike reminds me of the CAKE Kalk, however, the Colibri M22 hides a nifty secret. 

The Colibri M22 Electric Moped Is A Foldable Rugged Traveler

I mentioned earlier that the M22 is designed for urban-dwellers, and indeed, this means being able to park it in tight spaces such as apartments and office buildings. To ensure the M22 fits in most European elevators, the Colibri M22 was designed with a folding frame. The mechanism allows the rear shock to be detached from the swingarm, and the swingarm fold outward towards the belly of the bike. Once you reach your floor, you simple unfold the bike and wheel it into your apartment or office space. 

The Colibri M22 Electric Moped Is A Foldable Rugged Traveler

Being compact is indeed one part of the equation, but in order to be an effective urban mobility device, the M22 also has to be lightweight. Indeed, it tips the scales at no more than 30 kilograms without the battery installed, putting it at par with some large e-bikes available in the market. On the performance side of the equation, the M22 comes with two riding modes—a city mode that gives it street legality via a B license in Europe, and an off-road mode which the company explicitly states must only be activated off-road. 

A 3-kilowatt (4-horsepower) hub motor provides the propulsion for the Colibri M22. In road mode, speed is limited to 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour). However, off-road mode boosts the power to 16 kilowatts, or around 21 horsepower, and allows you to hit speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour, or around 56 miles per hour. Remember, off-road mode isn't legal for street use!

Now, as for the battery, the M22 gets three modular batteries housed in between the rider's legs. Each of the batteries can be used individually or simultaneously depending on whether you're looking to maximize range or minimize weight. All together, the three batteries promise a range of up to 200 kilometers, or 125 miles, on a single charge. Furthermore, all three batteries can be charged to full simultaneously in about two hours.

The Colibri M22 Electric Moped Is A Foldable Rugged Traveler
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