It goes without saying that range continues to be the limiting factor when it comes to electric vehicles, especially with electric scooters and motorcycles. To address this, several manufacturers have turned to battery-swapping technology, while at the same time developing fast-charging tech. 

Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco was one of the first to innovate in the electric motorcycle space, with exciting models such as the RevoNEX and SuperNEX teased multiple times in EICMA. Kymco also has its own subsidiary called Ionex, which is dedicated solely towards EV projects. One of the newest models to come out of the Ionex project is the i-One electric scooter, a lightweight, beginner-oriented commuter. Kymco has just released this model in the French market, after having it on sale in multiple countries in Asia for some time now. 

Kymco Releases The i-One Electric Scooter In France

In terms of styling, the Kymco i-One keeps things incredibly understated, with a minimalist design. Clearly designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, the i-One is powered by a small electric motor with a peak output of 3,600 watts, or around five horsepower. Classified as a moped in Europe, the i-One is limited to a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour) and can be operated with a standard car license. 

With regards to the battery, the scooter sports a removable battery pack with a capacity of 1,743 watt-hours. This gives it a single-charge range of 31 miles, which can be doubled by carrying an optional spare battery housed under the saddle. Interestingly, Kymco has managed to keep the scooter lightweight and compact thanks to a tubular steel frame and alloy wheels. In total, the i-One tips the scales at 86 kilograms, making it easy for first-time riders to swing a leg over and get going. 

Other amenities include full LED lighting and multiple ride modes. The scooter is outfitted with a digital display, a hook beneath the handlebars for you to mount your luggage, as well as a front cubby hole with a USB charging port to power up your devices while on the go. The Kymco i-One scooter is rather pricey, however, at 3,999 Euros in France, or approximately $4,242 USD, and the optional secondary battery retails for 899 Euros, or around $954 USD.

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