Helmet manufacturer LS2 has gained popularity across the globe for producing quality yet affordable lids for all types of riders. The brand has recently diversified its premium model range with a series of racing helmets, commuter lids, and touring helmets. One of its popular modular touring helmets, the Advant, has just been refreshed for 2023 with new colorways 

For 2023, LS2 is offering the Advant in a total of 15 color options, with two new ones added for the year. In particular the new Matte Silver colorway gives the helmet a sleek aesthetic, accentuating its futuristic styling. Meanwhile, the Sport graphics—consisting of a black and red motif—give the helmet an edgier, performance-oriented look. 

LS2 Rolls Out New Colorways For The Advant Modular Helmet

One of the LS2 Advant's defining features is its 180-degree flip chin bar. This allows you to flip the mechanism all the way back, away from the top of your head, preventing any weight imbalance in the helmet. The system is accompanied by a P/J certification, which means the helmet is approved for with the chin bar flipped up or down. Given the fact that the Advant is also a relatively new model, it's already compliant with the latest ECE 22.06 standard

As for the folding mechanism itself, LS2 claims its comfortable and easy to use. Given its compact construction, the chin bar is close to your face, and thereby imparts less strain on your head and neck when actuated. The visor also lifts at the same time you lift the chin bar, allowing you to toggle between configurations seamlessly and with one hand. The external visor is also Pinlock compatible, and can easily be swapped out with a quick-release mechanism. 

The LS2 Advant's outer shell is made out of a Kinetic Polymer composite, which is both lightweight, flexible, and durable. The end result is a modular touring helmet decked out with features that tips the scales at just 1,650 grams. An array of vents are scattered across the helmet, and are designed to channel air through to provide ventilation. The inner liner is also removable and washable, while the cheek pads feature an Emergency Release System. 

On the pricing and availability side, the LS2 Advant is offered in a total of 15 colorways, with plain colors retailing for £249.99, or around $310 USD; and graphics and special colors commanding a more premium price of £269.99, or around $334 USD. 

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