Whether you’re out to have a good time on your bike or just commuting to work, fog is no one’s friend. That’s why, here in late 2022, there are a wide range of full-face motorcycle helmets that offer Pinlock inserts to keep your visor fog-free. That’s cool for those helmet-wearers, but what if you prefer goggles? Those can get foggy, too, or they could before LS2 did something extremely cool. 

LS2 makes goggles, helmets, and other gear in many varieties. In September, 2022, the company introduced its first-ever Pinlock-ready goggles, the Aura Pro. The description is simple and straightforward—and is the kind of thing that’s almost a head-slapper, making you wonder why someone didn’t come up with it before now because it’s that good and necessary an idea. 

If you’ve ridden with a good Pinlock insert in your helmet before, then you probably know what I’m talking about, and may even be nodding your head emphatically. For those unfamiliar, Pinlock inserts go inside a special channel on the inside of your helmet’s visor.  

LS2 Aura Pro Goggles - Pinlock

Using the Pinlock insert that’s designed specifically for your helmet is key to good fitment. If you do that, a silicon bead will hold the specially-made hygroscopic material (that means it absorbs moisture) in place, forming a small air pocket between your visor on the outside, and the Pinlock insert on the inside.

On cold mornings where your warm breath inside your helmet is likely to create fog on the inside of your helmet, the Pinlock insert’s construction keeps your vision crystal clear—well, as long as you remembered to clean the outside of your visor, of course. 

LS2 applying this same principle to goggles makes all the sense in the world—particularly since plenty of riders might wear goggles while riding in the cold, riding snowmobiles, and doing other cold-weather activities. In all these cases, visibility is key—and the moment your visibility is compromised, the less safe you’re likely to be, and the greater your likelihood of potential injury.  

Unsurprisingly, LS2 Aura Pro goggles also support tear-off strips, as an aid to enhancing your visibility on the outside of the goggle. The injected polycarbonate lens offers both UVA and UVB protection, to help shield your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. They’re double-injection molded, and shaped to fit well inside the channels provided for goggles in motorcycle helmets.  

Other design features include ventilation, silicone backing strips on the strap to help keep it in place where you put it, and a removable nose guard.  They’re available in several colors, including black, blue, orange, red, and yellow, all with spare iridium polycarbonate lenses.

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