When it comes to helmets, just like all other pieces of gear and equipment, there really are different strokes for different folks. The increased popularity of touring and sport-touring motorcycles has resulted in helmet manufacturers updating their modular helmet offerings. Nearly all major helmet makers have recently released a brand new modular lid, the latest of which is LS2.

LS2 is a popular helmet among budget-minded motorcyclists, and is known the world over for offering premium quality lids at prices that don’t break the bank. Established in 1990 by Arthur Liao in a tiny rural workshop, the company expanded globally, and is now headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. The brand has recently upped the ante in terms of its product offerings recently dabbling into carbon-fiber shells and race-specific helmets. This time around, its latest product offering comes in the form of the Advant, a modular helmet fit for touring and sport-touring riders.

LS2 Introduces New Advant Modular Helmet

A few defining features of the LS2 Advant include a 180-degree flip-up chin-bar. This allows you to open the chin-bar all the way, and position it at the back of the helmet. This reduces the top-heaviness of the lid, as well as the tendency of the chin-bar to cause uncomfortable aerodynamic drag when used in the open position. Of course, given this design feature, the Advant can be safely ridden with the chin-bar open, and is therefore double P/J homologated. You may be familiar with this 180-degree opening feature with the LS2 Valiant, another LS2 modular helmet, on which the Advant builds upon.

As for weight, the LS2 Advant sits on the heavier side at 1,680 grams. It is, however, forgivable thanks to its mechanism and bluetooth-intercom compatibility. Its shell is made out of a dual KPA compound, and comes in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. As is the case on most helmets of this caliber, the interior lining is completely removable and easily washable ensuring its longevity. The visor is made out of a scratch-resistant material, and is finished off with a UV-resistant coating. Two air intakes, one on the chin, the other on the shell, offer adequate ventilation, as well as the option to close them should temperatures drop.

LS2 Introduces New Advant Modular Helmet

LS2 is expected to roll out the Advant modular helmet across retail outlets and online shops in May, 2022. Complete with a limited five-year warranty, the LS2 Advant is set to retail for 359 Euros, translating to around $406 USD.

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