Italian motorcycle manufacturer SWM has introduced updates to most of its models for the 2023 model year. Across the board, bikes from the SM supermoto range, RS enduro lineup, and Six6 neo-retro model range receive modest updates in terms of styling and technology. Let's take a closer look at what SWM has to offer. 

Let's start things off with SWM's most beginner-friendly model, the RS 125 R. This small-displacement dual-sport has been fitted with a new monochrome LCD display. The display keeps things simple, with a basic setup consisting of warning lights on the lower left corner, and adjustment switches on either side. SWM has also thrown in a USB socket for you to power up your devices while on the go. The RS 125 R's supermoto sibling, the SM 125 R receives similar updates, as well. 

SWM Bestows Modest Updates To Enduro And Street Lineup For 2023

Moving up the ladder, SWM's premium, performance-oriented supermoto, the SM 500 R, has also been given updates. In a similar fashion to the 125s, the 500 R gets the revised instrument cluster, as well as redesigned body graphics for the 2023 model year. The new model is distinguished by a frame finished in red, black body panels, and a saddle with a striking red upholstery. 

Last but not least, SWM's road-focused Six6 neo-retro range receives modest updates, too. For 2023, the SWM Six6 500 will be offered in new red and orange colorways. Apart from the new paint schemes, SWM has thrown in a new enduro-style handlebar to offer the scrambler more leverage when tackling corners and light off-road terrain. Additionally, a new set of gas-charged rear shock absorbers have been added, as well.

SWM Bestows Modest Updates To Enduro And Street Lineup For 2023
SWM Bestows Modest Updates To Enduro And Street Lineup For 2023

Apart from that, the Six6 500 retains its classic scrambler styling with a streamlined fuel tank, tuck-and-roll saddle, long-travel suspension, and upswept exhaust pipe. The Six6 also gets a rear luggage rack for added practicality.

As of this writing, SWM has yet to announce pricing for its 2023 models, although the bikes have already been listed in its Italian website.

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