The end of 2022 is fast approaching, and 2023 is a whole new year. What do you have planned? Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer to that question yet—especially if you’re a Ducati fan, and you’re looking to get out and explore. The Ducati Riding Experiences program is gearing up for 2023 with a whole new Travel Adventures calendar on tap—and the best part is, a rental Ducati bike is included, so you don’t even have to worry about bike transport. 

The 2023 Ducati Travel Adventures calendar contains three trips so far. The DesertX Experience will take participating riders to Sardinia for five days of 100 percent off-road riding aboard a pack of DesertXs in June.  

Then, first in July and again in October, the Dream Tour is a three-day, two-night trip over the hills of the Tuscan/Emilian Appenines, aboard bikes in the Multistrada family. Finally, in October, the Multistrada Expedition tour is a six-day, five-night journey through Italy and France, also aboard bikes from the Multistrada Family. 

Prices vary, with the Dream Tour being less expensive than the other two (it’s a shorter trip, after all). While itineraries and bikes vary, Ducati Riding Experience Travel Adventures include hotel stays, most meals, assistance from professional tour leaders throughout the tour, activities during the tour, a rental Ducati with insurance, fuel, and transfers to and from the airport or station where riders arrive and depart. Riders also have the option to rent Ducati technical clothing for the duration of the trip. 

The 2023 DRE Travel Adventure DesertX Experience runs from June 12 through 16, and is aimed at intermediate to expert-level riders. It’s an all-off-road experience on Ducati DesertX bikes, with prices starting at €3,240 (about $3,438) for the five-day, four-night experience in Sardinia. 

The 2023 DRE Travel Adventure Dream Tour is the shortest and least expensive tour, and there are four different dates available. 2023 Dream Tours will run from July 3 through 5, July 10 through 12, October 13 through 15, and October 17 through 19. Riders from amateur to expert level are invited to participate in this 100 percent road trip on Multistrada family machines, at prices starting from €1,570 (about $1,666).  

The 2023 DRE Travel Adventure Multistrada Expedition invites just 10 participants to take a 1,500-kilometer tour of Italy and France, from October 3 through 8. Experience levels from amateur to expert are invited to attend this 80-percent road and 20-percent light off-road tour, aboard bikes from the Multistrada family. Prices start at €3,110 (about $3,300).  

While Ducati has announced the dates and some details of all of the above trips, full details are currently being finalized as of December 21, 2022. Bookings aren’t available yet for these tours, so be sure to bookmark the Ducati link in our sources so you can check back and register in the future if you’re interested. 

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