Ducati introduced the standard issue Multistrada V4 and its up-spec S variant in November, 2020. Less than a year later, in October, 2021, the Borgo Panigale firm unleashed the twisties-slaying Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak.

With bases one through three covered, Ducati stepped up to the plate once again to announce the 2023 Multistrada V4 Rally on September 29, 2022. It hopes the long-distance ADV will be a grand slam for adventure riders. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Just like its MTS stablemates, the Rally trim still champions Ducati’s 1,158cc Granturismo V4 platform. It doesn’t prioritize performance at the expense of practicality, though. The big-bore V4 still lays down 170 horsepower (at 10,500 rpm) and 92.2 lb-ft (at 8,750 rpm) but only requires oil services every 9,000 miles and valve adjustments in 37,000-mile intervals.

Gallery: 2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally

The Rally also benefits from the same semi-active suspension found on the S and Pikes Peak variants, but Ducati ups the ante by upping the suspension travel to 7.9 inches. The brand endows the Multi with more ground clearance, but it also develops a new Skyhook DSS EVO suspension control strategy and an Enduro ride mode (with dedicated Power mode) to tackle all challenges head-on. A set of lightened spoke rims and reinforced engine guards also aid the Multistrada on treacherous, technical trails.

The V4 Rally doesn’t just take on tougher terrain. It also takes journeys further than ever before. A new 7.9-gallon tank keeps the Multi on the unbeaten path and away from the pump. Wider footpegs with removable inserts accommodate both highway stints and off-road sections, while an auto-leveling function steadies the ship even when rider, passenger, and luggage loads vary.

The shapeshifting feature joins the brand’s Minimum Preload technology, which lowers the bike at a stop. Ducati doesn't stop there. It also stuffs the Rally with its new Easy Lift function that eases suspension compression with each power cycle to reduce the effort needed to lift the bike off its side stand.

On the road, additional cockpit comfort comes by way of a wider (+.8 inches) and taller (+1.6 inches) windshield. The Bologna designers didn’t forget about the rider’s significant other either. A lengthened tail section now extends the passenger’s available room, even with the add-on top box mounted. Thicker rubber passenger peg inserts also reduce vibrations.

Lastly, Ducati updates its rear cylinders deactivation strategy to improve consumption and meet stringent emissions standards. While all Multistrada V4 models shut off two pots at idle, the Rally keeps them lidded until the rider picks up enough speed. Ducati reports that the system is active in all riding modes.

Starting at $31,495, the 2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally will come in Ducati Red and Brushed Aluminum/Matte Black. Intrepid explorers can expect the off-road-biased model to hit Ducati dealerships in May, 2023.

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