Electric scooters are becoming more and more similar to their gasoline-powered counterparts, especially when it comes to utility and performance. If in the past, electric scooters were much smaller and only capable of speeds similar to those of pedelecs and e-bikes, now, more manufacturers are releasing scooters with performance similar to that of 125cc machines.

Yadea, a Chinese company specializing in electric mobility is one of those companies that continuously adds to its product portfolio to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the e-mobility sector. With the majority of its operations focused in China, the company has developed a wide selection of electric two-wheelers, with some having the potential to strike a chord in the European market.

Chinese Company Yadea Presents The VoltGuard VFV Electric Scooter
Chinese Company Yadea Presents The VoltGuard VFV Electric Scooter

The VoltGuard VFV may sound like some sort of gadget you’d buy to protect your house or car from sudden spikes of voltage, however, it’s the name of Yadea’s newest electric scooter designed as a no-frills runabout for the city. The VoltGuard VFV’s beauty lies in its simplicity, in a sense that people who have become accustomed to standard gasoline-powered scooters won’t find it difficult to adjust to what the VoltGuard has to offer. For starters, it’s packing a mid-mounted electric motor that has a maximum output of 5.5 kilowatts—that’s approximately 7.4 horsepower. This gives the scooter a max speed of around 50 miles per hour.

On the range side of things, Yadea claims that the VoltGuard can return up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) on a single charge, provided that your average speed is a measly 30 kilometers per hour, or 19 miles per hour. Now, in the city, where traffic is heavy, this seems very reasonable. However, we can surely expect this range figure to drop once the roads open up, and you start traveling at a higher speed. The batteries consist of two removable power packs with a combined capacity of 4 kilowatt-hours.

Chinese Company Yadea Presents The VoltGuard VFV Electric Scooter

Yadea’s always been known for loading its scooters with lots of technology, and for a seemingly basic commuter scooter, the VoltGuard VFV is decently equipped. It’s equipped with a combined braking system for added safety, as well as LED lights all around. It features a keyless entry system, and LCD display, and a generous 21 liters of storage underneath the saddle. For added convenience, a USB charged on the left side of the apron allows you to charge your gadgets while on the go, and there’s even a reverse gear to make maneuvering in tight parking spaces a lot easier.

The Yada VoltGuard VFV was first showcased at EICMA 2022, earlier in November, so it’s almost certain that it’s being developed for the European market. That said, Yadea’s set to begin production on this scooter by 2023, however, it’s not yet known when exactly, or at what price point, the VoltGuard VFV will be launched.

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