Technology surrounding safety continues to drive the gear and equipment industry forward, and manufacturers continue to innovate to provide the highest level of safety for their customers. Oftentimes, the technology found in riding gear is born on the racing circuit, and eventually trickles down to gear options available to us mere mortals. A good example of this is the recent partnership between MIPS and Japanese helmet manufacturer Kabuto.

At EICMA 2022, the latest helmet, which was a collaboration between Kabuto and MIPS, was showcased. It’s called the F17 Racing MIPS, and it’s the first MotoGP helmet equipped with the MIPS system. Combining the finest technology of both companies, the F17 Racing MIPS features the aerodynamic design of Kabuto called the Omni-directional Aerodynamics concept. It features a ribbed shell, and a uniquely shaped top section that also serves as the air vents. This design is meant to increase stability and reduce lift at high speeds. Meanwhile, the F17 Racing MIPS will also feature MIPS’ latest technology, the new Integra TX system.

MIPS And Kabuto Join Forces With New F17 Racing MIPS Helmet

The MIPS Integra TX comfort padding replaces the traditional comfort padding and has an interior low friction layer built in. The Integra TX will replace current comfort layers, displacing rotational movement to the head, and will be completely undetectable. The new Integra TX is supposed to slide and absorb within the impact area providing 10-15 millimeters of mobility in all directions. With the aid of the slim low-friction zone between the foam and the textured cloth, the overall movement takes place within the comfort padding. This eliminates the need for adjustable cheek pads, as the entire system can work unnoticed.

Max Strandwitz, CEO of MIPS expressed his excitement towards the partnership with Kabuto stating, “The MIPS Integra TX solution is yet another important development moving MIPS into the future of helmet-based safety. Safety will always come first for us, but improving MIPS integration with helmets is another important goal. Having the first helmet with the MIPS safety system in MotoGP aligns perfectly with our long-term goals and our mission of leading the world to safer helmets.” Kabuto riders will use the new F17 Racing MIPS for the 2023 season, including Remy Gardner and Joel Kelso in the Moto3 class.

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