Japanese manufacturer OGK Kabuto started producing motorcycle lids in 1982. Originally established as Osaka Grip MFG (OGK), the brand made plastic and rubber parts for bicycles. That lineage led OGK Kabuto to motorcycle helmets and it applies the same stringent standards to its modern-day offerings. The new Shuma full-face helmet continues Kabuto’s evolution with an innovative ventilation system that maximizes airflow.

Featuring three crown vents, a chin inlet, and two rear exhaust ports, the Shuma delivers ample ventilation before the rider even embarks. The new HEXA-PAD interior strategically channels the incoming air to the rider, and the antibacterial liner keeps things fresh. The UIC clear shield also contributes to Kabuto’s "Ultra Cool System" by cutting UV rays entering the helmet by 99 percent and resisting 74 percent of infrared rays.


The shield is also equipped to accept a wide Pinlock insert and the included breath guard helps reduce fogging right out of the box. Kabuto’s airflow efforts aren’t restricted to the Shuma’s interior either. The patented wake stabilizers at the rear of the helmet control the around the helmet and mitigate pressure on the rider’s head. A large chin curtain also helps minimize the turbulent air entering the helmet.


The micro-ratchet buckle emphasizes safety and comfort while the intercom-ready interior and rim accept a wide array of communicators. The Shuma’s overall compact design should also help reduce turbulence. Those accustomed to wearing spectacles or shades inside their helmet should rest assured, as the Shuma’s cheek pads are also glasses-friendly.

Kabuto will offer the Shuma in 2 shells covering sizes XS to XL. The full-face helmet will come in Pearl White, Black Metallic, Flat Black, Gunmetal, and Shiny Red colorways and it qualifies for ’s JIS safety standards. Retailing for ¥28,600 ($261 USD), the Shuma will be available in Japan starting in May, 2021.

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