Italian brand Caberg has always offered a wide variety of modular and three-quarter lids. When it came to sport riding, however, the company’s lineup only featured the race-oriented Drift Evo. Now, in 2021, Caberg is expanding its full-face range with the entry-level Avalon, a sport-inspired helmet catering to beginner riders.

With two solid colorways, seven brightly-colored graphics, and an shape, the Avalon clearly suits the Youths. The aggressive lines extend from the angular chin bar back to the race-inspired rear spoiler and several graphics accentuate the helmet’s bold demeanor. Though the Avalon’s design appeals to new riders, Caberg outfits it with features beyond its years.

A Pinlock-prepped smoked and clear shield along with an internal sun visor add a level of practicality and users can remove each visor without the use of tools. Prioritizing all-day comfort, Caberg equipped the Avalon with inlets at the chin bar and forehead with exhaust ports under the rear spoiler. If the rider requires even more ventilation, the removable wind-stop and breath guard should amplify airflow.

Gallery: Caberg Avalon

The hypoallergenic liner is also removable and washable and the micrometric buckle is comfy yet secure. The small shell spans sizes XS through M while the large shell covers L through XXL helmets. Those two shell options help tailor the fit to the customer while keeping the larger sizes to the claimed 3.3-pound weight.

Caberg prepped the Avalon for the brand’s Just Speak Evo , but other brands will also fit the helmet. Solid colorways come in matte white and black and retail for €149.99 ($181 USD). The graphic options consist of the Hawk, Giga, and Blast designs and markup the price to €199.99 ($242 USD). Though Caberg’s line has been missing a sporty, budget-conscious lid, the Avalon provides a great entry point to the brand’s full-face range.

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