As much as riding gear is designed to protect us in the event of a crash or slide, it’s also designed to keep us comfortable when we’re out on a ride. In tropical countries like where I’m from, you can get away with a single jacket all-year-round. However, most of you in the northern hemisphere will have to shake things up a little bit if you wish to continue riding as the temps drop.

Luckily, fall is the season wherein most motorcycle gear and equipment makers start rolling out their products designed to keep you warm and dry, as well as safe and protected. One such brand is Furygan, a popular French gear maker that has made a name for itself with decades of experience both on and off the circuit. For the 2022 fall and winter riding season, the company has introduced the Neptun EVO rain jacket. Designed to be worn over your motorcycle jacket, the Neptun EVO doesn’t have any protectors, and neither is it abrasion-resistant—those are the jobs of the motorcycle jacket you ought to be wearing underneath.

Stay Dry On Two Wheels With Furygan’s Neptun EVO Rain Jacket

Instead, the Neptun EVO serves as an additional layer to keep you dry in a torrential downpour, as well as to serve as a windbreaker providing a tad more warmth. It’s made out of a polyester textile with wind and waterproof characteristics, and has a large flap in front of the main zipper to prevent wind and water getting through. Two waterproof external pockets keep your belongings nice and dry, as well. An internal mesh lining also adds to the comfort properties, allowing you to use it on its own when you’re off the bike.

Furygan allows you to adjust the Neptun EVO for a perfect fit with an elastic waistband and Velcro tabs on the arms. Naturally, if you have several riding jackets that all fit slightly differently, it’s nice to be able to tweak the fit of this raincoat to match them perfectly. The Neptun EVO also features a removable hood for added off-the-bike practicality. Last but not least, the jacket is also designed to increase your visibility on the road thanks to fluorescent inserts on the sides, allowing fellow road users to be able to spot you much more easily.

Furygan is selling the Neptun EVO in sizes ranging from S to 4XL, and for just 51.90 Euros, or approximately $50 USD.

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