Italian gear and equipment manufacturer Tucano Urbano has made a name for itself by rolling out gear for nearly all disciplines of motorcycling, the most recent of which has been the urban and ADV segment. The brand is known for its functionality and understated styling, making its products suitable for all sorts of riders and multiple weather conditions.

The newest offering from the tailors of the Milanese brand comes to us in the form of the Globis gloves. Designed for cooler weather, Tucano Urbano is thinking ahead into the winter months for folks looking for a thermal glove designed to keep their digits toasty in the winter months. As is the case with most of Tucano Urbano’s offerings, the Globis adopts a thoroughly sober style and is finished mostly in black. The upper portion of the glove is made out of polyester fabric with an additional polyester lining on the inside for added warmth.

Tucano Urbano incorporates a breathable and waterproof Hydroscud membrane that keeps your hands dry, should the heavens open up during your fall and winter rides. Additionally, the Globis also features interior thermal padding. On the palm area of the glove, the Globis features full goat leather which is known to provide maximum comfort and tactile response with the controls of the motorcycle.

Tucano Urbano Gears You Up For Colder Weather With Globis Gloves

The gloves are reinforced with abrasion-resistant reinforcements at the base of the palm for added protection in the event of a drop. Other protective features include CPS protective shells at the joints and silicone sections at the palm and fingers for added grip. All these protective features combine to garner the Tucano Urbano Globis gloves a level 1 KP PPE certification according to the EN 13594:2015 safety standard.

To ensure a snug fit, the Tucano Urbano Globis gloves are constructed with a long cuff and an adjustable Velcro strap. Of course, to allow you to keep your hands warm while toggling your GPS or mobile phone, the Globis has touch-screen-compatible inserts on the tip of the index fingers. Sizing and availability-wise, the Globis covers those with hands ranging from S all the way to 3XL. Available only in black, Tucan Urbano is asking a retail price of 64.90 Euros, or the equivalent of $64.70 USD, per current exchange rates.

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