On September 17, 2022, KTM officially unveiled its lightly updated 2023 890 Adventure R. The 2022 KTM Adventure Rider Rally was underway in the U.S. state of Idaho, and it was there that Team Orange pulled the covers off of the new bike for the first time in front of a crowd. 

What’s new for the new year? The 2023 KTM 890 Adventure R gets a shiny new five-inch TFT display, complete with USB-C port. The display also features new pictograms to better enhance the information displayed for riders. International and European models also get new Mitas Enduro Trail + tires, while U.S. bikes get LED indicators for the new year. All versions also get a new windscreen and engine protector. 

Updates, revisions, and changes on the 890 Rally R for 2023 include a KTM 450 Rally-inspired bodywork and fairing. Additionally, the WP suspension has been re-tuned with an eye toward reducing long-distance rider fatigue. Another system to receive updates is the turn-by-turn navigation in all markets. 

Gallery: 2023 KTM 890 Adventure R

On the ABS front, KTM added a new modulator and also worked to improve its ABS componentry overall. Furthermore, the Offroad ABS setting is now linked with KTM’s Offroad Mode and optional Rally Mode on the 2023 890 Adventure R. That means riders won’t have to worry about independently switching to Offroad ABS if they choose to ride with either of those selectable rider modes. 

For 2023, the KTM 890 Adventure R also gets a brand-new functionality called Demo Mode. How does it work? For the first 1,500 kilometers (about 932 miles) of ownership, riders will have access to a fully-unlocked 890 Adventure R, with all available and optional functionality and electronics settings completely accessible for them to use.  

After the Demo Mode mileage is complete, riders can then choose to purchase any features or packages they like to keep the desired elements active on their machine. It’s a try-before-you-buy software scheme, kind of like getting to play the first couple of levels of a video game as a demo and then having the option to buy a full copy once you’re hooked.  

It makes sense from KTM’s point of view, since experiencing features and using them for yourself will likely cement your impressions of them much better than any spec list or review could do. Will it have the intended effect? That remains to be seen. For pricing and availability information in your region, your best bet is to contact your local KTM dealer if you’re interested.

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