Motorcyclists are having fun and logging plenty of miles on the open road as summer is in full swing in many areas of the northern hemisphere. If you use riding gear that isn't properly vented during rising temps, you might be in for some truly unpleasant rides, however. The people who were forced to endure the recent heatwave in the United Kingdom are more than aware of this.

Many riders have specific sets of riding gear for various weather conditions. The best time to update your riding gear for the current riding season is now, since practically all manufacturers have already launched their spring and summer collections. This is the case with the appropriately named Windy summer riding gloves from Italian gear and equipment manufacturer Tucano Urbano. To provide optimal ventilation, the Windy has an Aero 3D mesh structure on the top of the hand. A perforated leather insert on the fingers and knuckles provides appropriate protection, making it a lightweight glove ideal for city riding.

Feel The Breeze With Tucano Urbano’s Windy Summer Riding Gloves

In relation to protection, the palm side is made of a synthetic leather that resembles suede and is strengthened by leather inserts with perforations. This provides abrasion protection without compromising the controls' tactile feel on the motorbike. A CPS protective shell is also incorporated into the model at the joints. As a result, it has received CE certification in accordance with EN 13954:2015 level 1KP standard.

For added ventilation and unrestricted range of motion, the forks between the fingers are constructed of an elastic fabric. Additionally, the mid-length cuff's velcro adjusters provide a secure and comfortable fit. You may use your smartphone or GPS device without taking the gloves off thanks to a touch-screen compatible layer on the tip of the index finger.

As for pricing and availability, Tucano Urbano offers the Windy gloves in two colorways in black and blue hues. Sizes range from S all the way to 3XL, with pricing set at 54.90 Euros, which makes out to around $55.93 USD, following current exchange rates.

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